Atomic N.R.G., was founded on two basic principles,

1 - “Exceptional performance through superior chemistry”

2 - “Develop dynamic client relationships with committed service”

Bringing 75 years of combined industry experience the Atomic N.R.G. team has proven their ability to deliver on these commitments. Atomic N.R.G. continually strives to set ourselves apart from our rivals.

The passion for all things motorized is strong with the entire staff of Atomic N.R.G. Including experience ranging from road and track to off road and off shore. And technical hands on experience in both the retail automotive dealership and aftermarket sectors. 

The Atomic N.R.G. fleet ranges from domestic iron to imported tin with four wheels or two.  As hard core gear heads we take pride in our machines and want to keep them at peak performance. We proudly use our own products to keep each one running the best.

Atomic N.R.G., stands behind every product we manufacture, we use them and test them on our own cars first. We will not put our name on it, or market any product that we wouldn’t use ourselves. If a product won’t produce the results we expect it doesn’t get made.

Without hesitation Atomic N.R.G.’s product line is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy you get your money back.  
While we have business across the USA and Internationally we are still a grassroots organization. If you are a retail client, please contact us for your nearest Atomic N.R.G. source. If you’d like to offer Atomic N.R.G. products to your clients contact us for distributorship availability or a local supplier.  We welcome all inquiries, feedback, ideas and comments.

Contact us and experience this for yourself.


Team Atomic N.R.G.