Auto Trans Preblast - Part # AA030011

•    Packaged in a single use kit - one kit, one service.
•    Helps extend the service life of the transmission.
•    Cleans and protects all in one service.
•    O.E.M.s recognize the need and have recommended this type of service.
•    Contains no chlorinated solvents and can be disposed of with your normal waste oil.
•    Safe on rubber seals and other sensitive system components.

Atomic N.R.G. Automatic Transmission Pre-Blast will safely and completely clean and suspend the dirt, gum, varnish, clutch material, and other performance robbing contaminants and deposits that can lead to poor shift quality and transmission failure. When combined with a transmission fluid exchange service, ATOMIC N.R.G.’s proprietary combination of synthetic cleaners, solvents and lubricants will help remove and suspend within the old transmission fluid these deposits as it is circulated within the transmission pan, cooler, cooler lines and valve body, which is then removed with the fluid during the exchange procedure. Our formula will not harm the electrical components contained within the transmission housing and/or torque converter. This product is intended to be used as step one in a two part kit and installed as part of a complete transmission fluid exchange service.        

Part # AA030011 is supplied in 12 oz bottles - 24 bottles per case - 20 lb case weight