Decarbon Cleaner - Part # AA020031

•    Easy cleaning application via a vacuum line or spray tip into the throttle body opening.
•    Atomic N.R.G. chemistry will not harm professional cleaning equipment even after repeated use.
•    Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter friendly.
•    Synthetic blend of cleaners to completely remove gum, varnish, carbon, and oily deposits.
•    Formulated to clean even the most stubborn deposits found worldwide.
•    Effective in lowering greenhouse gasses and lower emissions.

Atomic N.R.G. Decarb Cleaner will safely and completely clean dirty combustion chambers, intake systems and intake valves free of carbon deposits, fuel sludge, and other performance robbing contaminants and deposits that can lead to poor drivability, bad fuel economy and cold start issues. The proprietary combination of synthetic cleaners, solvents and lubricants will remove the gum, varnish and carbon that can get deposited within the air flow stream of the intake of your internal combustion engine. ATOMIC N.R.G. formulations are completely compatible with all oxygen sensors, catalytic converters or any other fuel system components.  This product can be used as a standalone decarb cleanup, or as part of a complete fuel system and injector cleaning service.    

Part # AA020031 is supplied in 12 oz bottles - 24 bottles per case - 20 lb case weight