Engine Detox - Part # AA010026

•    Economical engine cleaning service with no special tools or equipment required.
•    Packaged in a single use size - one bottle, one service.
•    Easy application maintains shop efficiency.
•    Cleans and protects all in one service.
•    O.E.M.s recognize oil sludge build up issues and have recommended this type of service.
•    Contains no chlorinated solvents and can be disposed of with your normal waste oil.
•    Effective in lowering greenhouse gasses and emissions.

Atomic N.R.G. Engine Detox will safely and thoroughly clean dirty crankcases, oil pans, lubrication passages, oil pumps and pickup screens that over time can get restricted and clogged by a missed service interval, extreme driving conditions, and even the extended service intervals that some of the O.E.M.’s have established for the new cars of today.  The proprietary combination of synthetic cleaners, solvents and lubricants will remove the gum, varnish, sludge and soft carbon that can get deposited within the crankcase and other areas of your internal combustion engine. Our chemistry will not harm the oxygen sensor or catalytic converter or any other engine system components. This product can be used as a standalone engine lubrication system cleanup, or as part of a complete service package.   

Part # AA010026 is supplied in 1 gallon bottles - 4 bottles per case - 44 lb case weight