Fuel Reactor - Part # AA020011

•    A pour in the tank fuel system cleaner without the need for special tools or equipment.
•    Our chemistry will not harm the fuel system or other related components.
•    Oxygen sensor and catalytic converter  friendly.
•    Formulated to clean even the most stubborn deposits found worldwide.
•    Restores easy starting, smooth idle, and quality drivability.
•    Proprietary formula that can be used with gasoline or diesel systems.
•    Returns lost fuel economy.

Atomic N.R.G. Fuel Reactor will safely and thoroughly clean a dirty fuel system free of dirt, carbon deposits, fuel sludge, moisture and other performance robbing contaminants that can lead to poor drivability and bad fuel economy. The proprietary combination of synthetic cleaners, solvents and lubricants will restore the fuel flow and lubricate the fuel pump and other components within the fuel system. Our formulations are completely compatible with all oxygen sensors, catalytic converters and all other fuel system components. This product can be used as a standalone one tank cleanup, or as part of a complete fuel system and injector cleaning service.   

Part # AA020011 is supplied in 12 oz bottles - 24 bottles per case - 20 lb case weight