Throttle Body and Carb Cleaner - Part # AA080022

•    The industry OTC compliant leading formula.
•    High strength can for extra cleaning performance and pressure.
•    High flow nozzle for added cleaning ability.
•    Micro straw included for those tight cleaning jobs
•    Fast and residue free drying.
•    Non-chlorinated  formula

Atomic N.R.G. Throttle Body Intake and Carburetor Cleaner will Blast away safely and completely dirt, varnish, grime, oily residue on the metal surface of the throttle body, throttle blades, venturies, intake manifold, P.C.V. valve, and any other metal non painted surface that is in need of a good old fashion cleaning.   The proprietary combination of synthetic cleaners, and solvents will do the tough jobs where others fall desperately short.  

PN# AA080022 is supplied in 6 oz cans - 24 cans per case - 20lb case weight